As we continue in to 2021, know that we are grateful for your membership!  Keep an eye on our event calendar for upcoming webinars.  Remember that we have archived newsletters and check our archived eblasts for any news you've missed.

2021 Symposium is virtual this year!  Registration has closed - an option to purchase self-study session access and CPEU will be available in May. Learn more about our speakers here.  See the agenda here.

And important reminders:

During these challenging times, both the Academy and
CNM DPG are providing as many resources to you as possible.

Find resources for the public here and here.

We've also added a new COVID-19 section to the resource library.
We also help that the following information on how to
utilize the SOP/SOPP is helpful.

Kelly Danis, RD, LDN
2020-2021 CNM DPG Chair

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