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The CNM DPG board is so pleased you have joined and rejoined our DPG!
Thank you! You will not be sorry! Your membership means so very much!!

Your 2018-2019 CNM DPG all-volunteer Executive Committee is eager to serve our members to move our practice forward.

Our role and work in healthcare is extremely important if we are to make progress on dealing with and solving the many nutrition problems in our health care systems and our society.
Leadership, management, science and sound business skills are required! You have joined the right group to enhance these skills, find mentorship and to team up with dedicated dietitians working diligently together to improve nutrition in healthcare and impact public policy.

We are working on a number of exciting projects this year!

2019 CNM DPG Symposium
May 2-4, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia
Mark your calendars and start planning!
**The call for speakers is open - learn more here!

CNM DPG has committed to support the Research Committee project to validate staffing connected to malnutrition and nutrition care, which is one of the most sought after and important aspects of dietetics practice.

CNM DPG actively supports the Malnutrition Clinical Characteristics (MCC) Validation and Staffing Study, as well as the Malnutrition Quality Improvement Initiative, a joint project with other dedicated groups. These are some of the most critical and important activities we can support as a group and individually in our facilities to make progress in reductions and prevention of clinical malnutrition in our communities and health systems.

Join us at FNCE®
CNM, in partnership with the Dietetics in Health Care Communities DPG has been honored to present a DPG Spotlight session at FNCE® in Washington DC:

Strategies to Improve Care Transition to Reduce Malnutrition
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Terese Scollard MBA RDN LD FAND

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